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Empowering Inclusive Practices

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Training Solutions for Recreational, Social, and Community Organizations

Discover the diverse array of training solutions tailored to fulfill your inclusion objectives with MERGE. Our team collaborates closely with your organization to craft personalized on-site or online learning experiences. Empower your team with the necessary tools and cultivate the confidence to seamlessly include individuals with diverse abilities into your offerings.

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Customized training sessions curated by MERGE can incorporate a range of topic areas tailored to your organization's requirements.  Additionally, our team will collaborate with you to address any specific needs that may not be fully covered in the provided content. Our trainings, whether conducted on-site or online, are designed to be highly interactive, ensuring optimal engagement, knowledge retention, and long-term effectiveness.

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Building A Camp Culture That Is Inclusive of Children with Diverse Abilities

This session will cover inclusion principles and equip attendees with strategies to confidently welcome, engage, and support participants with diverse abilities.


Inclusive Recreation: A Pathway Toward Friendship

In this session, you'll acquire the tools and confidence to cultivate a culture supporting authentic friendships between children with and without disabilities.


Dealing with Behavioral Challenges Through a New Lens

 No More Suspensions! This training session emphasizes the importance of disability inclusion and acknowledges the need for intentional efforts to ensure the success of all individuals.


A Leadership Road Map for Enhancing Your Inclusion  

This session targets directors and leaders aiming to elevate their organization's inclusion efforts. It covers six inclusion principles and strategic best practices, including staffing, sustainability, promotion, community connections, and hiring. 


Words Matter:  
Let’s Get on The Same Page With Inclusion

Let’s begin with an exploration of the term "Inclusion,” as it relates to other models of program participation including Specialized, Adaptive, Integrated, and Unified, looking at the core elements, benefits and challenges of each model. Delve into “words to lose” replacing the with “words to live by”, emphasizing person-first language and disability etiquette. 


Setting the Stage for Successful Disability Inclusion (Part 1)

Establishing a solid foundation of best practices is essential for fostering cultural change. Join us in this session to delve into systems and procedures around the intake process, staff training, working with families and implementation of recommended inclusion strategies to be used FOR ALL.


Strategies Toward Successful  
Disability Inclusion (Part 2)

Empower your camp program to include diverse abilities alongside typical peers. Learn preventive strategies promoting inclusion and success for all. Adapt to varying learning styles using diverse formats and positive support techniques. Conclude with a problem-solving exercise, ready to implement these techniques.


Disability Inclusion Includes ALL Staff – Strategies for  
Getting Your Team
On Board

We'll address typical challenges encountered in fostering an inclusive culture by employing effective strategies and best practices to ensure your entire team is aligned with the goal of inclusion. Support your inclusion staff or CTRS to lead your organizations inclusion initiative. 


Taking An Inclusive Lens: Making Events Accssible To People with Disabilities

Make your community events inclusive by incorporating accessibility from the start. Whether organizing a street festival, farmers market, music, sports, or holiday event, this session offers insights and advice for ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities. 


"Lisa has a very comprehensive knowledge of inclusion, and she does a remarkable job of communicating her knowledge effectively. She manages to be simultaneously thorough and concise, which is no small feat! I have attended both live presentations and webinars with her. I've always brought back new ideas to share in my own staff training. Lisa is a deeply committed knowledgeable, and enthusiastic person. I recommend her strongly."

- Mary Ann Dunn, Program Director at Enrichment Alliance of Virginia

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