MERGE offers a variety of trainings to meet your community inclusion needs. 
We work with your organization to create a customized on-site or on-line learning experience that will support your staff and/or the families you serve to access inclusive recreational and community programs and events.

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Your customized training may include any of the following topic areas to meet your organizational needs….. OR…….MERGE will work with you to address areas of need not explored fully in the content below.

Whether on-site or on-line, MERGE trainings are offered in a highly interactive format, allowing for maximum engagement, retention and sustainability.

  • 1.

    Accessing Community Inclusion

    Explore top tips designed to help family members or direct support professionals to assist the person you support to engage in community recreation opportunities.

  • 2.

    Community Inclusion- What it Is
    (and Isn’t)

    In Community Recreation Programs the term "inclusion" can have different meanings or be misunderstood. Explore the principles and benefits of inclusion and the 4 models of how programs can be offered.

  • 3.

    Bridging the Gap & Building a Bridge

    Within community inclusion, there are two important sides that need to be in synchrony to ensure people with disabilities are welcomed and supported – family or support staff on one side of the bridge and community and recreational program providers on the other.

  • 4.

    Socially Connecting while Physically Distancing

    During this time of uncertainty and isolation, social connectedness is vital. Learn the strategies that will ensure the people you support with disabilities are still effectively connecting with others in their community.

  • 5.

    Teamwork & Stepping Into Each Other’s Shoes

    For agencies with multiple departments but one common goal of offering quality services to people with disabilities, offering exercises in teamwork, and learning about other department’s values, strengths and struggles. With clearer understanding comes better teamwork. 

  • 6.

    Supporting Valued Roles in the Community

    Supporting every individual with disabilities to find their gifts and talents, and identify their “role” in the community, to allow those gifts to shine.

  • 7.

    Self-Care – Mandala Meditative Exercise

    An art-based activity providing participants an easy to replicate stress management tool and activity. Ideal for family members or direct support professionals.

  • 8.

    Cultivating Friendship – What’s Your Role

    Agency administration, direct support professionals and family members all have an important role in supporting a person with disabilities to cultivate meaningful and reciprocal friendships with persons without disabilities who have similar hobbies and interests.

  • 9.

    Specialized Consulting and Coaching

    Let our years of experience in direct support, supervisory, and senior administration positions go to work to help you reach (or define) your strategic plan on community inclusion. 

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