All trainings are customized to meet your organizational needs. Content for your training can use a combination of objectives from different trainings or MERGE will work with you to address areas of need not explored in current training offerings.

Sports and Team Instructional Programs

Strategies & Tools for Creating a Team that is Inclusive of Athletes with Diverse Abilities.

Intended For:

  • Coaches, instructors, those providing 1:1 assistance.
Participants Will:
  • Understand the benefits of inclusion in a sports setting for players, the team and community.
  • Get a basic introduction to traits of Autism, ADD/ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorders and why certain approaches help promote success in a sports team practice, clinic or camp.
  • Learn and practice preventative strategies in small group settings.
  • Take part in a discussion on working with families, with focus on creating a team approach, defining expectations, information sharing and addressing roadblocks.

INCLUSION FOR ALL - Creating and Enhancing Adaptive Programming to Be Welcoming and Supportive of Community Members with Varying Needs.

Intended For:

  • Program developers, directors or coordinators.
Participants Will:
  • Identify four steps in program development.
  • Understand the importance of organizational commitment from all leadership tiers.
  • Take any inclusion initiative and go through the steps and responsibilities from each tier identifying potential roadblocks and problem-solving solutions to overcome barriers presented.
  • Bring back to their team a handout/model of the process to be able to bring them through the steps relative to what inclusion initiative or program growth they are seeking.