All trainings are customized to meet your organizational needs. Content for your training can use a combination of objectives from different trainings or MERGE will work with you to address areas of need not explored in current training offerings.

Families or Agencies

Inclusion within Community Recreation Programs: Building a Team Culture with Program Providers That Will Result in Successful Participation for Your Family Members.

Intended For:

  • Family members or agencies / direct support staff supporting individuals with diverse abilities.
Participants Will:
  • Gain concrete steps to accessing inclusive recreation programs, providing the foundation to build a collaborative team.
  • Hear a unique perspective to better understand the program provider’s position, strengths and limitations.
  • Leave with concrete tips and suggestions for handling roadblocks including if a program expresses they are not inclusive.
  • Learn about resources available to help with community access to recreational opportunities.

The difference between Caring For or Caring About - empowering differences to be a gift and opportunity.

Intended For:

  • Direct support staff, supervisors, family members or care providers.
Participants Will:
  • Understand the difference between caring for or caring about someone.
  • Explore are you a care-taker or a care-giver and steps to eliminate your own care-taking behaviors.
  • Learn how to create a culture of empowerment for the individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities that you serve.
  • Leave with a better understanding of the effectiveness of positive supporting techniques and language that promote individual growth and self-discovery.
  • Have a chance to practice scenarios in a role modeling setting.