All trainings are customized to meet your organizational needs. Content for your training can use a combination of objectives from different trainings or MERGE will work with you to address areas of need not explored in current training offerings.


Preventative Strategies and Techniques to Build an Inclusive Day Camp Culture.

Intended For:

  • Camp counselors and leadership staff.
Participants Will:
  • Gain an understanding of inclusion philosophies in a camp setting, the benefits of inclusion and why every staff member has responsibilities to ensure all campers are successful.
  • Get a basic introduction to traits of Autism, ADD/ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorders and why certain approaches help promote success in a camp setting.
  • Learn and practice preventative strategies in small group settings including use of a visual schedule, the effectiveness of setting expectations and using a transition countdown.
  • Review and practice of positive supporting techniques to use with campers and peers, and tips for communicating with families, confidentiality and information sharing.

Strategies to Build A Camp Culture That Is Inclusive of Campers with Diverse Abilities.

Intended For:

  • Leadership staff and program developers.
Participants Will:
  • Explore the importance of, and learn how to engage organizational commitment, and implement best practices into your camp setting.
  • Learn and practice preventative strategies in small group settings to equip your leadership team to instill these practices in a sustainable way into your camp setting.
  • Take part in a discussion on working with families, with focus on creating a team approach, defining expectations, information sharing and addressing roadblocks.
  • Put it all together when you are given inclusion scenarios to problem solve by using the inclusion strategies worksheet comprised of the practiced strategies and tools.
  • Take part in a discussion on best practices on supervising camp counselors to embrace inclusion philosophies and addressing difficult supervisory situations.

Setting the Stage for Successful Camp and Recreation Program Inclusion - Working with families, intake process, and building a culture of inclusion.

Intended For:

  • Camp directors, coordinators or leadership staff.
Participants Will:
  • Explore your camp or program staffing model, identify roles and responsibilities. What to do when your program ratios don’t align with participant needs.
  • Review best practices for the intake process, information sharing and effective communication strategies with counselors, staff and family members.
  • Know how to build a team approach with families, setting up expectations for all parties involved in the success of your camper/participant with diverse abilities.
  • Be given instruction on how to create and implement preventative inclusion strategies and tools that become part of your program practices and culture for all.